Highland have developed a bespoke company management system powered by CIMS. 

CIMS meaning Competency, Certification, Consistency, Compliance Integrity Management System. 

CIMS is designed as a business tool which facilitates Highland, by bringing all aspects of integrity together to ensure the day to day working activities function effectively and efficiently. This is demonstrated through all information previous located on spread sheets and folders, now being stored in one location within CIMS for ease of access for all users. All Customer, Suppliers, Personnel information and details are easily accessed for the system to generate quotations, purchase orders, workpacks and inspection reports.

Competency is demonstrated through all staff and personnel's qualifications which prove the ability, knowledge, skills and experience, being stored within the system to ensure the correct, competent and qualified personnel are assigned to each workscope. 

Certification is demonstrated through all aspects of the system. This includes, all company certification, proving our ability to provide a recommended and high quality of service. Our personnel's certifications which are monitored and expiry dates tracked within the system to ensure all are in date for the completion of each workscope. Client certifications and reports will be accessible via the system by using their unique encrypted login credentials. Interim reports will be available for the client to view during the workscope being conducted as live reports and completed reports. 

Consistency within the system allows for measurement of effectiveness for each user. We feel this will establish our reputation by maintaining a high level of standard with all our work processes. 

Compliance is demonstrated through all relevant industry standards and industry recommended best practices being applied to our business activities and Inspection reporting systems.

Latest News

date: 2017-07-11 09:52:48

We’ve moved!

It is with great pleasure to announce that we’ve recently moved to our newly refurbished premises in Howe Moss Drive, Aberdeen. As part of Highland Oilfield Service’s plans for growth, our aims are to provide employees with a happier and healthier working environment and to provide resources for our clients to ensure a more personal focused service. We look forward to meeting with you...

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date: 2017-07-11 09:52:49

New Logo

As part of the company’s rebranding we have changed our logo, so please look out for this in the future  

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